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About the Wendigo books

What is this comic about?

Hannibal is a TV show about the famous cannibal & serial killer Hannibal Lecter. Lecter has been created as a novel character by Thomas Harris before being adapted on several movies, then for television by Bryan Fuller.
My comic is a fan work based on the theme "What if the Wendigo was Hannibal Lecter's pet/assistant?"

You can read all the strips online for free,

in english here:


en fran├žais ici:

Does it contain spoilers?

YES. If you plan to watch the show, I strongly recommend to watch it before reading the comic.

Can I read it even if I don't watch the TV show?

If you don't plan to watch the show, you will miss a lot of references, but you can understand the strips on the basic premise: "Dr Hannibal Lecter is a serial killer + He eats people."

Is this comic suitable for children?

Even if the images are heavily stylized, focus on cute scenes and there is no realistic representation, it still mentions murders and cannibalism, and shows corpses, blood and severed body parts. So I won't recommend it to anyone under 12 years old.